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L’Accademia Galileiana di Scienze Lettere ed Arti, già Patavina, erede della “Accademia dei Ricovrati”, costituitasi in Padova il 25 novembre 1599, ha la propria sede nel trecentesco palazzo dei Signori da Carrara. L’Accademia svolge un’attività interdisciplinare di ricerca e di promozione culturale esplicata dai 200 soci, eminenti studiosi di ogni branca del sapere. Promuove convegni scientifici, simposi, seminari di studio che, oltre alle tradizionali pubbliche adunanze, sono il frutto di ricerche originali ed inedite. A ciò si affiancano i servizi di biblioteca, archivio storico, sezione museale.

Ente di Alta Cultura (D.P.R. 27/10/49 n°1005)

The most recent articles

The most recent articles

Visit to Reggia Carrarese and the frescoes of Guariento

Table of contents Midweek OpeningsSunday Openings in 2016 Midweek Openings Since May 2010 you can visit for free the Reggia Carrarese through the collaboration with Legambiente Salvalarte. The ordinary opening takes place on Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays (...) > continue

Make a donation - take part in the history of Accademia Galileiana

Thanks to your donations, the Galilean Academy continues to expand, to maintain its worldwide reputation, and to make its archives and artistic heritage accessible to the widest possible audience. Your support is vital to our projects and is greatly appreciated. You can help by: A wire (...) > continue

Library and Archive

The Library of the Academy is rich in volumes and extracts, but mostly in academical reviews, coming as an exchange from more than two hundred national and foreign institutions. The Library inherited also all the book property of the Accademia Veneto-Trentino-Istrana, who stopped its activity (...) > continue

How To Find Us

The Galileian Academy is located in the centre of Padova, in Via Accademia 7, a few steps away from the Duomo, Piazza Capitaniato and Piazza dei Signori. Map Office hours The offices of the Academy are open from 9.00 to 14.00, Mondays to Fridays. The library of the Academy is open from 9.00 (...) > continue

List of Publications

List of Publications Periodicals Academical Series Lectura Petrarce Supplementi e Pubblicazioni Varie PERIODICALS SAGGI SCIENTIFICI E LETTERARI; Tomi I-III (1786-1794) MEMORIE, Volume unico (1809) NUOVI SAGGI, Volumi I-IX (1817-1883) RIVISTA PERIODICA, Annate accedemiche: 1851/52-1883/84 (...) > continue

The Academy – Historical Facts

For what concerns the origins of the first Italian Academies, upon which the Humanists played a big part with their chase of the Antique, one could discuss whether Padua established an Academy sooner than, say, Florence or not, yet Padua can be proud of having one of the most ancient Academies (...) > continue


The Galileiana Academy of Arts and Science, formerly Patavina Academy, heir of the ancient Accademia dei Ricovrati, which was founded on the 25th of November 1599, has its seat in the beautiful rooms of the Carraresi Palace, built in the 14th century, and more precisely in what remains of the (...) > continue

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